Morgan Carey and the Mystery of the Christmas Fairies

Christmas is coming, and Seattle fifth-grader Morgan is the new girl at school--and she thinks winning a class photo competition is the only way she'll make new friends. At home, all she wants is to have her own family's Christmas traditions, then life can feel normal again.

When her parents decide to do something completely different for Christmas--visit her grandparents' house in the woods--Morgan is so not up for it. While her grandma and grandpa are great and everything, they live way out in the boonies, with no cable TV or even cell phones! And with no way to work on her competition entry, she just knows she'll never be able to win or fit in. Sure she'll be totally bored, Morgan discovers it gets worse: on Christmas Eve, she's stuck looking after her three young step-cousins whom she hardly knows.

Babysitting the unruly little kids during a jaunt in the woods, Morgan and her cousins are lured into an entrancing, mysterious forest, where they encounter a small band of woodland fairies. The kids discover they are trapped in a life of fantasy and danger, with only one ally in this strange wonderland. Morgan must draw upon all her strength and ingenuity--and the talents of her little cousins--if they are to escape this magical world, and find their way back home for Christmas.This heartwarming, holiday fantasy is for kids, grandparents, and anyone who is young at heart!
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