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Melody Fletcher is eighteen years old when, for the first time, she sees Moonflete, the beautiful house on the Lancashire moors, built by her father Eban Fletcher, for her Chinese mother, Silver Moon.

At Moonflete, Melody meets her uncle, Daniel, a man spoiled by dissipation; her cousin, the arrogant Matthew; the facile Stephen; and the scatterbrained Cherry.

Further down the valley, at Jason Hall, lives the embittered Heather Broome, and her son, Frank, reared as a gentleman upon the charity of the Fletchers.

For Melody, dressed in her mother's clothes, moving through a macabre charade planned by her father, these meetings bring danger and the shadow of past secrets that have twisted many lives.

Lights flicker across the moor and burn brightly in the magnificent rooms of the great house There is stark fear in the eyes turned upon the moonstones that hang coldly about Melody's neck. And hatred stalks through he wide corridors of Moonflete.
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