Mistress of Falcon Court
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Dark death stalked her on a sunlit shore...

'The falcon Huk calls when evil is nearby, Molly. When he screeches in the night, someone dies.'

She heard his call the night her mother died; now his shriek pierced the terrible blizzard that raged outside the mountain cabin she shared with her trapper father. Twice the falcon's chilling call had sounded. Each time Molly O'Bannion lost a parent.

With his dying breath, Colin O'Bannion entrusted the care of his beautiful half-breed daughter to the man who had once tried to save his life, the dashing Count Jabal del Valle. Molly had no choice but to go with him to his lavish seaside estate. But being a paid companion was no life for the daughter of an Indian princess.

Before Molly could begin to plot her escape, she was drawn into the inescapable web of the aristocratic family. She tried to deny first her mounting passion for Jabal and then the nagging terror that someone was trying to kill her.

Who was it? Jabal's cruel and venomous grandmother? His abused and neglected half-brother? His seemingly friendly stepmother? Or could it be Jabal himself, the man she secretly and desperately adored?

Molly O'Bannion found herself waiting, trembling in fear, and listening, always listening. Would the falcon screech in the night one more time?
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