Miss Carlyle's Curricle

A Gift of Love

Lovely, headstrong Diana Carlyle mourned the death of her beloved uncle. But when his will stipulated that she marry the next Brisbane heir in order to collect a large inheritance, she was determined to refuse. Nothing would convince her to marry Gavin Sinclair. Despite his quick wit and handsome face, he was clearly not the man for her!

But as the weeks passed, the new lord touched Diana's soul with his piercing eyes and kindly manner. Their sparrings of wit and shared laughter made her feel stirrings of affection. So when the "accident" that killed her uncle began to look like something more dangerous, she agreed to marry Gavin. Although it was a marriage of convenience, Diana's vow to love, honor, and cherish the new lord of the manor resounded through her heart. And when peril began to close in on them both, she realized that she'd do anything to help her husband, and one true love....
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