Migration of the Kamishi
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Migration of the Kamishi is the first book in The Feral World series. It tells the odyssey of Blake and Manosh, two young men of the Fifty-First Century, as they journey across a new and unrecognizable expanse of the Great Plains. In the Fifty-First Century, the planet has recovered from a three-thousand-year-old wound - an asteroid strike. In the middle of the Twenty-First Century, the asteroid Apophis struck the planet and wiped out civilization in a disaster of biblical proportions. Civilization was utterly ruined, and all technology - communication, transportation, power, everything - was lost. Faced with the choice to rebuild the past as it was, or to live a simpler life in harmony with nature, the few survivors chose harmony. Meanwhile, nature filled the niches left behind in the great "Rubbletown" cities and the great expanses in between. Blake and Manosh leave their home in the Badlands near Mt. Rushmore, after an invasion by a neighboring tribe massacres their village. They alone must carry the faith and legacy of the Kamishi tribe as they migrate south to the Warmland, where they hope to find safety from the coming winter. They endure only with their faith, hope, and a few stone-age tools. Gaddy Bergmann is a naturalist and scientist, performing research in zoology and microbiology. He infuses his post-apocalyptic world with the sense that humanity has learned from its mistakes. He asks the reader to consider what would happen if the planet were given a chance to escape the endless harvesting and management of its resources and allowed to heal.
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