Midnight Lovestorm

He haunted her dreams. Then awakened her desires. She dreamed his caress: Dr. Catalina McCulloch was proud of her newly-earned medical degree and eager to begin her new job in Los Reyes, California. On her trip from East Texas, a masked bandit robbed the train and grabbed her and kissed her before making his escape. Afterwards, Cat tried to forget the handsome outlaw, but he continued to haunt her dreams. And when she learned that the man who'd awakened her passions was the notorious "Archangel," her fascination grew until she burned to taste his fiery kisses once more. Even at the risk of her medical practice and her proper, though unexciting suitor, Cat knew she must find her dream lover, feel his urgent touch on her tender flesh, and spend one night savoring his rapturous caresses -- no matter what the morning might bring! He demanded her kiss: By day, Alec Caine played the role of a mild-mannered, scholarly horticulturalist in Los Reyes, California. By night, he was "Archangel," champion of the Indians who were being driven from their lands. His duel identity suited him perfectly except that the lovely Catalina just wanted to be his "dear friend" -- and Alec wanted much, much more. When she whispered to him in confidence that she craved the kisses of a masked and devilish bandit, Alec could contain his desires no longer. Under cover of night, he'd surprise her with a searing caress, kiss her until she was dizzy with rapture, then carry her to the heights of ecstasy in his bold, demanding embrace.
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