Midnight Desire
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was what innocent Kate McClullough felt when she looked into Travis Hawke blazing blue eyes. His nearness made her dizzy, his husky voice so warm and inviting sent a river of fire spilling across her flesh. She wanted him to teach her the secrets of wanton pleasures. But the price of wanting this arrogant rogue could be far higher than she was willing to pay--the price could be her heart...

was what Travis Hawke felt when he saw the sensuous yearning in Kate's doe-like eyes. He was drawn to her wild beauty, enchanted by her long russet hair, challenged by her coolness, tempted by her smile. He needed to feel the defiant she-cat beneath him, all soft and supple, willing to surrender. Hawke had finally found a woman who could match his untamed spirit--a delicious daring vixen who'd forever be his Midnight Desire
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