Memories To Come

Book 1 in the Memories Divine series.

An honorable warrior who never took advantage of those less fortunate, Remak once had a chance to be something other than a soldier. He met a woman and for a brief time held her in his arms, but he didn't stay in her village or return to her when he could. Now chained and abandoned in an enemy cell, he regrets there will be no one to mourn him when he dies. But the goddess Gillan hasn't given up on Remak. After all, she put that woman where he would find her and she isn't pleased he threw away his chance at happiness.

Through a series of sexually charged visions Gillan moves him through time and shows him how good life as one of her people can be. A man without hope and love, Remak has lessons to learn before it is too late for him--the greatest lesson being that goddesses work in mysterious ways!
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