Maybe No, Maybe Yes


Businessman Sloan Raventhrall had the flu, and his visiting niece had terrorized every baby-sitter! The drum set she'd made from his pots and pans gave him a migraine, and a nervous client was calling every minute. He had to call in co-worker Ms. Melanie Inganforde for help. After all, she was a woman--though it was hard to be sure from her baggy businesswoman suits.

Melanie worked twelve-hour days to be taken seriously, and all too-handsome Sloan had ever done was pat her on the head. Well, Melanie had just the medicine for poor, sick Sloan! She'd cook, clean and baby-sit if he gave her his juiciest account. Problem was, sexy Sloan was the one with the fever, yet he had Melanie burning up ....
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