Master of Many Treasures

Poor Summer; After so many journeys, her tale was draggin'.

At the end of Pigs Don't Fly, Summer had just found that the hearthbreakingly handsome knight whom she had helped return to his home was not the Great Love of Her Life after all. No, her true love it turned out, was the pig, or actually the dragon that the winged pig turned out to be. Worse yet, said dragon (who can take on human form) was last seen headed east at 5,000 feet.

But Summer had just successfully completed one quest against seemingly unsurmountable odds and if the plucky lass had to undertake an even more arduous journey to be with the only man/dragon in the whole world for her, so be it. Even if she had to disguise herself as a young boy, escape from an ambushed caravan, figure out what to do with a ten-year-old slave and a dancing bear that she accidently acquired, convince a persistent professional thief that she is not looking for treasure, and somehow convince her lover's fellow dragons that it is perfectly natural for them to be together. And once again, Summer will find herself in a situation very different from her intended destination...
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