Marrying Mike...Again

Sandra Aikens knew taking over as her crime-plagued city's new police chief wasn't going to be easy. The men in her department weren't exactly happy about taking orders from 'some woman.' And that went double for one man in particular - Detective Mike Rawlings, the ex-husband she'd never quite gotten out of her system...

But the city was close to the flash point, and she needed him desperately - his street smarts, his strength - to keep it from exploding. And that meant spending day after day with this man who had hurt her so much - and trying to keep control, even as an undying passion burst into flame again...

MEN IN BLUE: Love in the line of duty.
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    • Oct-2011
    • Silhouette
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1459218043
    • ISBN13: 9781459218048

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