Man of the Hour

The Mexicans called him El Capitán, the dangerous American available for any job--at the right price. Nick Diamond was the only man who could help Alexis Julian find little Jenni, her beloved goddaughter presumed kidnapped in the aftermath of the accident that had killed her mother. Now even Alex's teaching job was endangered as Sonoran University threatened to cut budget and staff. Still, Alex's only fear was for Jenni; her only concern, for the disturbing stranger who stirred her passion and rage as they explored Mexico's perilous black market in search of a child for sale. Then, suddenly, the leads fizzled out, Nick vanished, and Alex knew it was time to take matters into her own hands. A fresh trail led to Arizona. She'd have to take her chances, knowing only a fool would put her hopes in a man she barely trusted, a man she barely knew....
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