Make Believe

Real love comes in many disguises...

All of St. Louis was in a frenzy to see the magnificent actress Josephine Gavin -- including a little girl, Maggie, who crept out against her father's wishes to catch a glimpse of the star...

He was a widowed doctor who believed all actresses were ladies of ill repute. When he realized his young daughter had run off, he was indebted to the kind stranger who brought her home again...

Thomas didn't know that the lovely lady before him was the famed actress Miss Gavin. He only knew he was instantly drawn to her, mesmerized by her lilting voice and the intoxicating scent of wildflowers that followed her. When the respectable Dr. Thomas Murphy discovered Josie's true identity, he learned that a little make-believe wasn't a sin -- and that their very real love seemed destined by the stars...

Hero: Dr. Thomas Murphy
Heroine: Josephine (Josie) Gavin
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