Maggie's Way

Her Special Project

The minute Nick Durrance steps onto the porch of the once-grand, now run-down Meadowcroft home, he knows something is different. The woman at the door is not his ancient former teacher, but her young, beautiful grand-niece. Maggie is new to Collingwood Station and has inherited the house, which she intends to turn into a natural beauty spa. Nick can't see the women of this posh town putting yogurt and strawberries on their faces, nor can he see them accepting the eccentric Maggie. But when the whole town starts gravitating toward her, Nick realizes this woman is special -- so special that she's even changed how people see him, a man who went against the wishes of his wealthy family to start his own construction business. It turns out the house is not all she's working on…and when he finds out what -- or who -- her real project is, he's not going to like it!

----- originally published as Harlequin American Romance - The Man For Maggie
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