Three people ran away. Each had something to leave behind, a part of the past was best forgotten. Alison Courtney, Nick Sanford and Harry Metz came to Mexico to escape, only to find they could not get away from themselves. In his latest novel, Howard Hunt tells the sometimes brutal, sometimes tender story of three people who met in a foreign land and created a maelstrom of love and hate, passion and violence.

Alison had always despised the world in which she lived, a superficial world of finishing schools, debuts and rich young men with crew cuts and vacant stares.

Nick Sanford had been a medical student but music was his real vocation. For a while there was a girl and he had left college for her.

Harry Metz was brought up in the New York slums. He had always been a tough kid, and it was natural for him to get into the rum-running business.

Against the brilliant background of Mexico, Howard Hunt has written a tense drama of the clash of three strange people, refugees from the everyday world, who sought escape in an exotic land.
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