MacLaren's Memory

Brianna Dugan was trying to make the most of each minute of her trip to Boston. Her arms full of packages, she had just squeezed a shopping spree into the afternoon when the humid summer air hit her like a hot blanket. Before she knew what happened, everything went black and she collapsed. As she regained consciousness, she heard the most remarkable voice. Low, rumbling, and sensuous, it sounded like Jess' voice. Brianna knew it was impossible. For five years, ever since the day he had disappeared without a trace, she had missed him, longed for him, loved him. Certain that she was dreaming, she opened her eyes and saw Jess' handsome face, sunlight glinting in his thick, auburn hair as his warm eyes stared into hers.There was no mistaking his features, his touch, his clean scent. This was the man she'd fallen in love with in another place and time. He called her 'blue eyes,' the name he'd coined for her years ago. But otherwise, he treated her as if she were a stranger, as if they'd never shared sweet, passionate intimacies. Why had he disappeared five years ago? And why didn't he remember her?
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