Luanne and Heatheria in Swan Lake: Awaken! Odette, the Swan Princess

Heatheria has always learned to keep an open mind about everything, magical or normal. But this time, she is recruited by a Princess imprisoned in glass a millennium ago by the Fairy Queen of the Enchanted Forest... As Astral, otherwise known as Marisa Winchester, watches her daughter play with her friends and adoptive sister, Princess Luanne of Melania, she suddenly receives a faint message on the spirit winds, from Princess Odette--otherwise known as "The Swan Princess". When Heatheria learns of Odette's plight, she and Luanne decide to help, and end up releasing the millennium-old teenager from her glass pyramid prison--only to discover that she must experience true love from her reincarnated beloved in the present-day world. Can Heatheria and Luanne find Odette's beloved--or, at least, his reincarnation--before the Swan Princess becomes nothing but dust?
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