Love's Return
Curtain Call...

Kathy's head whirled. She had a chance at a career in the theater! She had been offered the part of Joan in Mel Goldwater's Civic Theater production of Joan of Lorraine. It was a part every actress wanted to play...and why shouldn't Kathy? Many girls left the teaching profession and went into other fields. Just because she had wanted to teach since she was a child playing school didn't mean she couldn't change her mind, did it? But what would Tom Chapman, her fiance, say...or did it matter? Had it stopped mattering the day she mete Doug...?

Also published as: Follow Your Heart

Avalon edition:

It would be hard to say goodbye to Tom Chapman -- even for just one year -- lovely. Blonde Karen Davis soberly realized as they placed the last of her belongings in the trunk of Tom's car. Tom was to drive her to Lakeshore, where she would teach English, and then continue on down to New Mexico to work as a scientist. As plans stood, they were to be married the following year.

At Lakeshore Karen finds a group of eager students and settles down happily to teaching. Then Doug Walker introduces himself and Karen rediscovers a world that she had placed aside -- that of the theater.

A small part in a Civic Theater play keeps Karen in Doug's company, and when he quits teaching to follow a stage career, he wants Karen to come along.

Karen had never thought of leaving teaching until a producer offers her the chance of a lifetime -- a leading role -- and until Tom acts very cool and distant during spring vacation. Then Karen must decide what pleases her most: the applause from a good performance or the delighted smiles of teenagers learning something new.

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