Love's Masquerade
As the secret author of her brandy-benumbed father's London newspaper column, Leslie Danforth had to fend for herself far more than a lady should. Which was why she was exceedingly grateful to the two gentlemen who rescued her from the advances of an odious count on a public walkway. Discovering that the more handsome - and proud - of the pair was Marcus Kingsley, her father's new editor at the Times, did not surprise her...until Kingsley hired her to write the paper's 'Agony' column. Soon Leslie was doling out advice to the lovelorn and sparring with Kingsley, who was as domineering as he was irresistible. And when Kingsley's mistress wrote Leslie for help in snaring him permanently, and a tip led to a plot against England's Prince Regent, the masquerading reporter found herself facing intrigue par excellence in politics...and danger in an even more umexpected place: the territory of the heart.

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