Lover's Knot
Love has a way of tying up loose ends...

Notorious rake Conor Melchers enjoys nothing more than pleasing his bevy of female companions--though he has little interest in making any of them his wife. While purchasing his gift of a hedgehog for one of his paramours, he is distracted by a nearby commotion involving a woman--towing a pet pig--who has fallen unconscious to the ground. Conor rushes to her aid and brings her to the home of his dear friends lady Ysabella, "Syb," and Lady Augusta, "Gus," whom he has long fancied--and whose somewhat worrying fondness for gambling prompts him to become her escort on her forays to the gaming hells.

Nigel, Lady Syb's nephew, is at the new houseguest's bedside when she suddenly awakens...and asks after the welfare of her pig! The mysterious young woman tells Nigel that the only other thing she remembers is her first name, "Abby." Nigel immediately takes a liking to Abby and sets out to learn her identity. But when Conor begins spending time with Abby to help her regain her memory, an infuriated Nigel presumes that Conor is up to his usual roguish ways. And when Gus, who is secretly in love with Conor, also believes that he is seducing Abby, this foursome find themselves tangled in a most twisted lover's knot...

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    • Jun-2004
    • Belgrave House
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1610847369
    • ISBN13: 9781610847360


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