Lover in Disguise
Savvy, spirited "mandy" was a cartoon character, "ralph" was her all-too-ordinary, lackluster companion. Amanda Perkins, talented creator of the syndicated strip, never expected to collide with a real-life Ralph in a supermarket aisle. As for Mac - Dr. Ralph MacTavitt, disinguished professor of economics at Boston University, a man of independent wealth and rare sophictication - if ralph was the sort of man Amanda liked, he was willing to play the part of the nerd to get her. What was Amanda to make of a man whose bumbling public image made her blush with embarrassment, whose passionate private performance brought her rapture beyond belief? He was a dolt in daylight, a desert sheikh in the dark. But when she learned he'd deceived her would she feel too much the fool to forgive him, or would she let him make all her dreams come true?

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