Loved by Dragons

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, MMM, vampires, HEA] Charlie Fisher didn't like being kidnapped and tortured by Vampires. He waited for rescue. It didn't come, so he killed the vampires himself right before rescue came too late. He gives a C- for effort, but now he's a vampire, and dragons are sworn to murder all vampires they find. But the two dragons who corner him are looking like a real meal, and not in the way that makes Charlie want to drink. Handsome and dangerous, they both call to him in ways Charlie is desperate for. One quick romp is all it takes to cement the mating, and when Don and James take their new mate home, there are those in the clan who are less than pleased, and a few who might want to carry out their duty against the vampires. Whether Charlie likes it or not, and he might not be able to save himself this time when dragon warriors with wooden stakes come for him.

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