Love Is Blind
A newcomer to San Francisco, Cass Everett already loved everything about the city and, she suspected, was more than a little in love with one of the staff at Talmadge Laboratory where she worked -- red-haired Dr. Bill Atkinson whose hobbies were fine restaurants and fast cars. So Cass was understandably disappointed when her Aunt Willa, one of San Francisco's most prominent citizens, showed an obvious dislike for Bill. But when pressed for an explanation, Willa Carson was strangely evasive. Then, while he was driving Cass home from a date one night, Bill's car over-turned. He wasn't injured, but Cass suffered a face cut, a cut that would require plastic surgery. Though Aunt Willa managed to get taciturn young Dr. Tod Jeffers, one of the best surgeons on the West Coast, to agree to perform the operation, still Cass couldn't help worrying about permanent disfigurement. And wondering what it might do to Bill's feeling for her...

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