Love Has His Way
There was silence for a moment, then the Marquis of Sarne said:

"There is only one way I can thank you, Romana." As he spoke he put his fingers under her chin and pressed his lips down on hers.

His kiss was so perfect, so glorious, that Romana could only tremble against him.

"We are together now, my precious," the Marquis whispered.

His lips found hers again and now he was kissing her fiercely, passionately, more insistently than before. He felt her thrill to him and drew her body closer, and closer still.

"I love you, my darling!" the Marquis said, his voice deep and unsteady. "Now tell me what you feel for me."

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    • Oct-1990
    • Robert Hale (UK)
    • Hardcover
    • ISBN: 0709037694
    • ISBN13: 9780709037699
    • Jun-2021
    • Barbara Cartland Ebooks ltd
    • eBook (Kindle)


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