Lotus Blossom
An innocent dressed in skimpy black satin, Lotus Sinclair Weston took the job as a roving photographer in a Las Vegas casino with one purpose: to learn who had run up huge gambling debts in her uncle's name. If she failed, her whole family would be destroyed. But she hadn't counted on Dash Colby. They called the casino owner a tiger shark in a Savile Row suit, yet from the moment they met, he surprised her with his tender concern. Even as he held her in his arms and called her "China doll," she reminded herself that gamblers played rough. Tough and tiny, Lotus had finally gotten what she needed. She'd stolen her uncle's file from Dash's private office. It was time to run. But with danger closing in on her, what made her want to stay? And where did the real danger lie -- in Dash or in her own deeply caring heart?

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