Lost Pages of Both Sides of the Fence Vol 1
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Jerry(James) Parks exits the plane from California and enters the BWI airport in Maryland with a lot of pain in his heart and hurt on his mind. The moment he touched the ground he was a force to be reckon with. There is no one spared in his path.
He settles into life in Baltimore with a name change, a new attitude and a new identity; he transforms into the person he proclaims that others made him out to be. He is alone in his new life but he doesn’t plan on staying that way. ‘Loot them and leave them’ is his new mantra and he stands by it firmly. He won’t be a victim of love any more.
With plans to ruin lives embedded in his belly, his first steps into Baltimore, Md are rocky but fruitful. His first encounters with the low down and flashy gay men of Baltimore only fuel his rage. He learns more and more as days go by on how to manipulate each person he comes in contact with just to get what he thinks is due him. Join James Parks on his journey of revenge before he meets the Black Family.

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