Lost House
They met, quite by chance, when both thought that they were alone in the woods. Pamela slipped and came rolling down into the clearing to land at David's feet, showing in the process a good deal more than a nice young girl would normally show to a strange male. It was an old-fashioned case of love at first sight but before they reallised it, the strange and sinister affair at Lost House was to come between them.

Ostensibly, Lost House was a fashionable British Columbia retreat for wealthy guests from all over the world, but it was soon obvious to David there is a great deal more going on. He finally unravels the mystery and Lost House is proved to be the headquarters of a gang with worldwide ramifications in the profitable traffic of illegal narcotics.

But which of the guests is head of the gang? Tension and suspense mount almost unbearably as David tries to answer this question.

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