Lord Will & Her Grace
Devilish Designs

Lord Will's amorous appetite has landed him in hot water again. Fleeing from a furious family intent on securing the notorious rake for their daughter, the Marquis of Granville's youngest son finds quiet refuge in Burnham-by- the-Sea. Assuming the guise of a harmless dandy, William is as far away from London scandal as he can get--or so he believes until he crosses paths with an audacious outcast who might just be the solution to all his other pressing needs...

Miss Sophie Somerset's gauche behavior at this season's balls has made her quite the topic of the gossip columns. Alarmed by suitors interested only in her future inheritance, she must nevertheless marry a proper aristocrat or lose the title and the fortune. Lord Will discomposes her mind and her heart with his lessons in flirtation to help her succeed. But little does this future duchess know she trifles with the devil in disguise...

Hero: Lord William (Will) Barclay
Heroine: Miss Sophie Somerset

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