Lord Montjoy's Country Inn
Lord Kevin Montjoy is heartstoppingly handsome, direly impoverished, and spoiled to death. Though he blithely bows to an engagement to an insipid heiress to recoup his finances, he is horrified when American Samantha Edwards arrives at Montjoy Castle -- accompanied by a snarling bobcat! Her plan is to save Kevin's fading fortune by turning his castle into a country inn. Such vulgarity! And yet, Kevin notices with a sigh, such kissability....

Smart and sassy Sam is feeling put off, and most put-upon, by Kevin's snobbery... until her cherished bobcat develops a tendre for him. Not one to fault her pet's taste, Sam is soon succumbing herself to an "animal" attraction for the high and haughty lord. But a flirtation will surely put his betrothed in a tizzy -- and Samantha in a dilemma -- unless a lord finds room at the inn, and in his heart, for true love....

Hero: Lord Kevin Montjoy
Heroine: Samantha Edwards

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