Lord Barry's Dream House

The Best Laid Plans

Lovely Lady Juliana Hamilton had bold plans indeed. She intended to follow in the footsteps of her late father, who not, only was a lord of the realm, but was also one of the finest architects in it. She would complete his greatest project-a magnificent manor that would stand as his monument and her first giant step toward recognition of her own talent.

Only one thing stood in her way: Lord Edmund Barry, for whom the manor was being built. When he returned to England, he never expected to find a female doing what he firmly believed was a man's work. Even more humiliating, the masterful Lord Barry made clear to Juliana his designs had nothing to do with hers. Somehow Juliana had to convince him she wanted to plan his bedroom, not share his bed--even when her passion for her profession began to yield to a passion that not only could bring her dream house down in ruins but her honor as well....
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