Listen to the Roses
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In one incredible day, Ellen Peterson gets everything she ever wanted; an agent, an acting role, and a fiance. The exciting world of Hollywood show biz is finally opening up for her; her mom and stepdad have never been so proud, Vince Lowry, Ellen's soon-to-be husband, is pretty proud himself--it was his connections that got Ellen the part. And Ellen? Yes, she's happy. But strangely enough, "everything she ever wanted" no longer seems like so much.

And then she gets a phone call that leads her back to Stevely, Minnesota, where she was born. No one in the little town can understand it when she returns there, least of all Andy Peterson, the father she can barely remember. Not even Ellen is sure she's done the right thing. Her one supporter is Rebecca Stine, Stevely's colorful "plant lady," who tells her, "Listen to the roses, my dear. The roses know." Crazy? Maybe not. Rebecca can see things no one else can. She alone knows what Ellen has come there to find--and whom she will find it with...

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