What happens when three more English ladies are shipped halfway across the world as mail order brides? EVERYTHING! Three sisters, Lena, Fina and Apple go from an even more posh lifestyle than their cousins, and arrive in Clear Creek, a nothing of a town full of quirky characters, crazy live-stock, and bumbling villains! Escorted by their strict and very proper distant cousin, Imogene, the girls have a hard time adjusting to life on the prairie (and they’ve only just arrived!). What’s to become of them? Lena worries most of all and is the first to wed. How will she please her husband when she can’t so much as boil water? But please him she did. And now it was Fina's turn to wed ...

Levi Stone came to Clear Creek at the request of Cyrus Van Cleet. He came because he was fed up with his life in Boston, and wanted something better than what the stuffy high-society folks had to offer. Cyrus told Levi he could find true freedom in Clear Creek, and he did. He found everything he wanted, except a wife to share it with.
Felicina Sayer had always considered herself an even-tempered, peaceful sort, until she met Levi Stone, that is. For some reason, he brought out a side of her she hardly knew existed, and it scared her. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do about it. They were married. Worse still, she didn’t know him well enough to know how to fight back! He even made a game of it!
Would these two combatants find something in each other to love? Or would they drive each other crazy first? Find out in this fifth installment of the Prairie Grooms Series.

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    • Sep-2014
    • Angel Creek Press
    • eBook (Kindle)


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