Let Us Prey
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    Dec-1995 (Hardcover)
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When Antonia arrived in Aukland, the voice that warned her of danger over the telephone sounded heavy and menacing. It decoyed her away from the hotel -- and while she was away someone searched her room.

She eventually reached the haven of her cousin Simon's house, but even there she heard noises in the night, and saw a light where no light should have been. Were they just the hallucinations of a mind taut with panic? Surely she wasn't imagining the "accidents" that pursued her!

But is she were truly paranoiac why would the reserved and practical Dougal Conroy find her attractive -- was it really protection he was offering? And the the terror enlarged to gigantic proportions, and the whispering voice on the telephone was saying, "It's your turn next..."

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    • Dec-1995
    • Severn House
    • Hardcover
    • ISBN: 0727847600
    • ISBN13: 9780727847607


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