Let it Burn

Three years after the events of the first book, Amy Scott has moved on. She has a job she loves, great friends, and the life she wanted.


One thing is missing – not that she’d ever admit it, even to herself.

But when HE comes sauntering back into her life, she’s forced to face the feelings she’s been trying so hard to forget.

He’s not a struggling musician anymore. He’s one fourth of the most famous rock band on the planet. Sons of Sinners blew up! And now he has money, fame, and more women than he could get through in two lifetimes.

And if there’s one thing Amy knows from experience, it’s that women are his weakness.

But he says he only wants her, the only woman he ever loved…

Can she give a second chance to the man who tore her apart? Can she risk the pain she knows is waiting if he lets her down again? Is it even possible to rebuild everything they destroyed?

Because, when the pain runs that deep, some people just can’t be saved.

WARNING: Let it Burn: Sons of Sinners Part 2 is NOT a stand-alone, it is the second part of the story. If you haven’t already read Fight the Spark: Sons of Sinners Part 1, it is strongly recommended that you do so first.
Let it Burn contains scenes that are suitable for mature audiences only. It is approximately 130,000 words.
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