Legendary Lover
Remaining neutral was a losing battle

For thirteen years Tessa Jane had nursed both a grudge and a grand passion for Cord Redigo. When he suddenly reentered her life, she wasn't sure which response would win out.

Tess relied on the mythical lake monster Champ to attract guests to Lost Cove Inn, while Cord--now a world-renowned marine biologist--openly discredited her livelihood. Yet his sensuality and charisma, and his passionate pursuit of Tess, almost overpowered her. But giving in to either love or hate would be foolhardy, she knew. Already she'd spent half her life emotionally tied to Cord. It was time to cut the strings.

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    • Feb-2013
    • Diversion Books
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1940941318
    • ISBN13: 9781940941318