Leah's Love Song
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Julliard and a performing career have always been dreams of Leah Winters, but the practical side of her knows exactly what makes dreams come true -- diligent hard work and plenty of money. So Leah accepts a music teacher's position with a school in Oklahoma. A teacher's schedule should leave her time to play her piano, but when Shay Jackson, the blond, athletic phys-ed instructor, introduces himself, Leah is faced with a distressing dilemma.

Shay and Leah hit it off from the start, but Leah's sister warns her that there is no room for romance in a budding music career. And she appears to be right. The more time Leah spends with Shay, the less time she has to practice, and the less time she has to practice, and the less time she even thinks about her music. But she can't let go of her dream, though she wishes fervently that there were room in her life for both a man and her art. If it comes down to a choice, which will it be: Leah and her piano…or Leah and Shay making beautiful music together?

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