Lawless Ecstasy

She gave him her trust -- then he stole her heart!

Abra Beaumont could spot a thief a mile away. After all, her father was once one of the best. But he'd been on the right side of the law for years now, and she wasn't about to let a man like Dash Thorne lead him astray with some wild plan for stealing the Tear of Allah, the world's most fabulous ruby. Dash was just the sort of man she most distrusted --- sophisticated, handsome, and altogether too sure of his considerable charm. Abra shivered at the devilish gleam in his blue eyes and swore he would need more than smooth kisses and skilled caresses to rob her of her virtue . . . and much more than sweet promises to steal her heart!

Dash Thorne wanted Abra more than he'd ever wanted anything --- even the Tear of Allah! But perhaps there was a way to attain both prizes at once. To capture the ruby would require cunning and patience; to possess the lady would require a good deal more. He would earn her trust with the honesty of his love, and entice her body with the heat of his passion. And then they would have a lifetime to savor the incredible magic and glorious rapture of . . . LAWLESS ECSTASY!
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