Lamb Chops and Chainsaws
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Lamb Chops and Chainsaws is the first volume in the Human Nature Series. (Warning: The author would like to point out that this book contains graphic language and descriptions of explicit sex and brutal violence). What are your neighbours really like once their front door slams shut? Are your children's teachers' sound-of-mind? Has your partner got an evil, sinister side? Is a member of your family a murderer? These questions, and more, are examined in a collection of nine disturbing short stories; tales about the darker side of human nature. Read about a wannabe serial killer who starts his reign of terror on the wrong footing. A Kindergarten teacher who has deep psychological problems that jeopardizes the safety of the children. Why a child of nine turns to violence in retaliation for drug smugglers slaughtering her parents. A fanatical mother who believes her thirteen-year-old son is possessed by the devil. How one killer spirals out of control and in his haste for victims makes a fatal mistake. A government trained killer who was set up as a scapegoat. Or a serial killer who has captured the attention of the world, and has set up one final, sickening display. What does it take to push someone that little bit too far and turn them into a killer? Find out when a savage murder is committed over a packet of lamb chops. Strangers will never seem the same again. Contents 1 Sod’s Law The story of a wannabe serial killer who’s not to clever when it comes to picking his victims. 2 The Last Straw A seventy-three-year-old man is pushed too far, after fifty years of constant nagging. What’s the final straw? An argument about dinner; to have chicken or lamb chops. 3 The Lord is My Shepherd A mother’s fanatical love of God has twisted her perception of her son; in her mind, her unruly thirteen-year-old is possessed by the devil. 4 Shattered Childhood A child’s life in Mexico changes forever when drug smugglers kill her parents. To retaliate, she does something incomprehensible, even though she’s only nine. 5 No Conscience A young man is deprived of his mother and sister. When he finds out why it drives him to become a murderer. Now without a conscience he sells his killing gift to the highest bidder. 6 Dirty Little Animals What happens when a kindergarten teacher has reached the end of her tether, and children are her second-worst nightmare, right after her father? 7 The Red Mist-ake He looks normal, but his desires are twisted and bloody, needing to kill when the hunger arises. However, he soon realizes that he can no longer control his inner beast when he wakes from his latest killing spree. 8 Like a Son A man the government trained as a killer is used as a scapegoat. He goes on the run, until someone unexpected from his past catches up with him. 9 The A-list A serial killer has captured the attention of the world. He has set up one final, sickening display. He plans to let the world know his twisted reasoning.
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