Lady Serena's Surrender
Would her heart surrender to liberty or love?

Lady Serena Dixon believes all men are not to be trusted. Thus, she does not wish to shackle herself to a husband. But her wicked father has arranged for her betrothal to Jamie McMurrey, who shares Serena's desire not to be wedded. Twice the clever duo has managed to thwart matrimony, but on their third attempt, poor Jamie falls ill with the smallpox and dies. Now Serena is in a most tangled coil for she is forced to marry Jamie's brother, Ian, whom she has never met....

On his deathbed, Jamie McMurrey asks his brother Ian to uphold a promise, but dies before he can finish his request. Assuming Jamie wants him to wed his fiancee, Ian agrees when his father insists he marry Serena. While he honors his new bride's wish to keep her virtue intact, each day brings added torment to Ian -- unless he can woo Serena with the promise of a gentleman's true love....

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