Lady Moonlight
County Sligo, Ireland, 1899. A desperate and beautiful young woman makes a dangerous pact with a sly Leprechaun -- and finds herself under a spell that threatens her very freedom... and her only chance for true love.

Aisling Ahearn's hand in marriage had been promised away to forgive her father's debts. But Aisling had always wanted to marry for true love -- and took a terrible risk, trusting a Leprechaun's magic to save her. Now, trapped in the faery world, suspended in eternal youth, the only way Aisling can escape is to fall in love with a mortal within one hundred years. Unfortunately, mortals only see her as a white mare -- except when she appears under the light of the full moon.

It seems hopeless -- until she meets Conlan Sloan, a bitter but passionate young man who awakens her faith in love. Their moonlight romance is fleeting -- Conlan's time in Ireland is all too brief. When he finally returns to Aisling, it is 1999, with only two moons left to win Conlan's love forever...

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