• Published:
    Oct-1994 (Hardcover)
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    General Fiction
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Amid the gritty courtrooms and chilly analysts, offices of New York City, David Kirk's life, as a much sought after criminal lawyer is hectic and all-consuming. He works seven days a week, twenty hours a day, and has no time for anything beyond his own career. There is also no need for him to take on the case involving a murdered young actress, except fro the fact that the police suspect … who is also her boyfriend … seems so … innocent. There is no good reason for such an all American kind of guy to be implicated in such a gruesome killing except for his proximity to the crime and the following:

A glove is found with blood that, through DNA testing, matches that of the boyfriend.

The boyfriend seems to have a history of abusing the woman.

He tries to run.

The boyfriend believes he is begin framed.

As Kirk takes the case further he finds himself grappling in the twisting turns and blind alleys of an uncertainty he has never before experienced. As he seeks the expert opinions of an aloof and beautiful psychoanalyst, suddenly the differences between illusion and reality become more difficult for him to comprehend. Then, at trail, a truth emerges that will reverse everything that Kirk has previously thought to be true about the proceedings, a truth that will call into question his career as well as his own beliefs about himself and the American legal system. But will his knowledge have arrived too late?
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    • First Edition
    • Oct-1994
    • William Morrow
    • Hardcover
    • ISBN: 0688137008
    • ISBN13: 9780688137007

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