Labyrinth of Love

A 2015 USA Best Books Award Finalist!

Young NYC entrepreneur Chase Reardon takes an urban development job in the small town of Lindsey Point for one reason only: to find out more about the town’s famous poet, Vivian Silverstone. Working with local historian Shannon O’Brien turns into a definite job perk, until he discovers she’s related to Vivian. The problem? Shannon is mourning the tragic loss of both her grandparents and her younger sister, and she'll do anything to protect her family’s reputation. But Chase is determined to dig into the secrets of the tangled roots he thinks lie below the surface of this family tree...

Suddenly, a forbidden love story from 60 years ago might be the key to the secrets Chase hopes to unlock. It might also destroy every truth Shannon has ever known about her ancestors. And these new lovers might have a much deeper connection than they ever imagined -- one rooted in blood. How much will we overlook to be with the person we love?

Each of the Hometown Heroes books can be read as a stand-alone novel, which means no cliff-hangers and a complete happy ending each time. If you read them in order, though, you'll see some familiar characters grow and change from book to book. Enjoy!

Beacon of Love - Book 1
Inferno of Love - Book 2
Labyrinth of Love - Book 3
Miracle of Love – Book 4
Soldier of Love – Book 5
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