Just His Touch

Flying--it was the world to her. Then, in one terrible moment, her world shattered. Captain Blake Warner, best pilot in her class, was grounded for the duration of her Air Force career.

As maintenance officer, supervising test planes and pilots at San Antonio's Randolph Air Force Base, she struggled to adjust to her new position. But still she was jealous! Yes, jealous of Rusty O'Gorman, the ace pilot whose virile sensuality sent her soaring, whose freedom to fly left her seething! Flying civilian search-and-rescue missions on weekends seemed a poor substitute for testing sleek jets. She was driven toward a desperate decision when suddenly everything depended on a tiny plane scouring the wilderness for signs of life. Would she have to lose her love to learn what mattered most: her passion to fly or her passion for a man with dancing blue eyes and a tender, loving touch?
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