Journey to the Center of the Earth

From the moment a strange Icelandic parchment is discovered in an old bookseller's shop to the fantastic descent into the dark hollow heart of the earth itself, A Journey to the Center of the Earth is fiction at its very best -- a classic of science-adventure that remains as wonderfully entertaining today as when it was first published more than 120 years ago. Recognized as one of Jules Verne's finest novels, it contains that unique combination of believable science and wonderment that made this brilliant Frenchman the father of modern science fiction. A riveting odyssey into the unknown, it depicts a subterranean world full of danger and beauty. And for the three men who dare to venture into this fearsome underworld, there is a fast-fading chance of ever returning to the surface alive. But it is what they discover at the Earth's mysterious core that makes this a story still unequalled for high-tension excitement and great reading pleasure.
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