Johnny Crows Garden
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With forty eight illustrations, all of them animals, Johnny Crow's Garden is the perfect book for reading to a toddler from an eReader, not always an easy thing with eBooks because the illustrations tend to get shrunk to the point where they no longer hold a child's attention. But in this book, originally published in 1903, the illustrations were large and the words few, and we've managed to keep that ratio alive in the digital version.Preparing old books for digital publication is a labor of love at Travelyn Publishing. We hold our digital versions of public domain books up against any others with no fear of the comparison. Our conversion work is meticulous, utilizing a process designed to eliminate errors, maximize reader enjoyment, and recreate as much as possible the atmosphere of the original book even as we are adding the navigation and formatting necessary for a good digital book. While remaining faithful to a writer's original words, and the spellings and usages of his era, we are not above correcting obvious mistakes. If the printer became distracted after placing an 'a' at the end of a line and then placed another 'a' at the beginning of the next line (they used to do this stuff by hand you know!), what sort of mindless robots would allow that careless error to be preserved for all eternity in the digital version, too? Not us. That's why we have the audacity to claim that our re-publications are often better than the originals.
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