Jeweled Skies, Shimmering Sands
Survival expert Vivian Chaney was interested in selling copies of her books--but this time her literary agent had gone too far. Vivian always knew that David McMahon was arrogant, hardheaded, and penny-pinching, but she wasn't aware he was also insane. Allowing herself to be "kidnapped" and carried off to a remote Caribbean island as a publicity stunt was going to extremes. She was determined that her insufferable agent would suffer right along with her. But when her vengeful scheme backfired and she found herself stranded with David in a tropical paradise, she knew she was about to undergo her most challenging endurance test yet. Faced with a ruggedly handsome New Yorker with a weakness for blondes and an uncanny talent for seduction, Vivian realized that surviving the elements was suddenly secondary.
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