Jack O'Diamonds
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He bet his life on the turn of a card and the draw of a gun!

His name was Jack Dimond -- but he was known as Jack o' Diamonds from El Paso to Abilene, from the roaring saloons of Virginia City to the opulent pleasure palaces of San Francisco.

They said that he could outplay any man in a fair game of chance, outdraw any man in a fair face-off, and that no one tried a fast shuffle or a sneak shot against him and lived to talk about it.

Jack o' Diamonds wasn't a gambling man for nothing. He knew every pot he pulled in and every man he gunned down stretched the odds against him. The whole West was full of men waiting for him to run out of aces in the hole and bullets in his gun -- but Jack o' Diamonds kept playing his lone hand, whether he was dealing out pasteboards or dealing out death...
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