Investigating Desires

Officer Lexie Sarcone is tired of responding to crimes in progress. After recovering from a recent injury on the job, she's decided it's time to move up in the world. Her boyfriend, Detective Michael Riley, has been nothing but encouraging, and Lexie has been studying nonstop for the detective's exam.

As her test date approaches, Michael is given a new assignment. As he goes deeper undercover, his personality begins to change and he becomes more demanding in bed, not that Lexie minds. Well, not until he's forced to cut ties until the burglary sting is concluded.

The new mayor wants to crackdown on crime, and Lexie finds herself temporarily reassigned to the skin squad. Having to dress and act like a hooker, she encounters both depraved and malicious men and lonely travelers. But the worst part, she spots Michael with his ex-girlfriend, another burglary detective.

Is this the worst kind of betrayal or part of his assignment? Only Michael can answer those questions, and right now, she has no idea where he is. Will the job pull them apart or will absence make the heart grow fonder? Find out in the third installment of the Lexie Sarcone series.

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