In Her Words
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When one night creates a forever they never saw coming.

I always remember Scarlett as the one night stand that got away from me. I fell in love; she took off. It feels like a lifetime ago now though. I traded in my guitar for a needle, working at St. Skin, bringing other people's stories to life through tattoos. Though I still think about her, I know I'll never see her again. But I never knew that after she left our one night, she left pregnant. She never told me. I only find out when her best friend comes crashing into my life and my heart with a baby in her arms - my daughter. With my life turned upside down, I struggle to figure out what it all means: being a father, and finding a new love growing in the place reserved for the woman I lost but thought of as my forever love. It feels crazy - and wrong - but I don't care. 

 A car accident takes my best friend's life and now I'm raising her baby. I've fought hard to do everything to keep Paisley as my own, but I know her father is out there and he deserves to know the truth. The last thing I expect to find is the sexiest man I've ever met - complete with muscle, tattoos, and an attitude to match. I'm not going to force him to be a father and I'm certainly not going to force him to get close to me. But I need the help. Meeting Cass was supposed to make life easier. As I fall for him, I realize everything is becoming more complicated.

Welcome to world of St. Skin... a series of novels that are all based around the same town and the same tattoo shop. They do not need to be read in any order. Listed below is the order based date of release:
  • In Her Words
  • A Boy I Used to Love
  • Secret Exposure
  • Our Last Road
  • Nothing Lasts Forever

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