Impractically Yours: The Lost Chapter
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WARNING! If you don’t enjoy puns, silliness, and good clean fun, you might not want to read this bit of fictitious nonsense. And if you haven’t already read Impractically Yours, you might want to do that first to maximize your enjoyment of and appreciation for this “Lost Chapter.”
When Roger Bruner wrote Impractically Yours a few years back, he included this whimsical, pun-filled epilogue to tell the tale of the three main characters—Robbie, María, and Douglas—putting their heads together to write Impractically Yours.
You may recall that Robbie and Douglas are incorrigible when they get together, and this chapter shows them at their best—or their worst, considering what poor María has to put up with now that Douglas and Robbie are also getting together outside of church.
After many times of editing and revising the original novel, Roger realized that Chapter Eighty-Three wrapped everything up perfectly. So he took the epilogue out.
But he’d had such fun writing that epilogue that he kept coming back to it. Wouldn’t the people who’d enjoyed Impractically Yours so much get a kick out of reading the omitted—the almost lost—original final chapter?
His publisher agreed. And here it is. Enjoy.
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